Aphrodisiac in the Bedroom

Aphrodisiac in the Bedroom

Published by Colleen Christensen on 15th Feb 2014

Dear Bettie,

On date night two things are likely to happen: Enjoying a good meal and a little (or hopefully a lotta!) action between the sheets. You might think of these two as totally separate events, but did you know that certain foods eaten at dinner can actually impact your post-meal playtime? Let’s take a look at a few foods that can give your libido a little boost!

Oysters: Oysters are a common aphrodisiac. They contain high levels of zinc, which may have an impact on sex hormones. Additionally, the oysters themselves resemble sex organs, making them a fabulous dinner time tease.

Chocolate: Giving your sweetie chocolate may be more than just a nice gesture. Dark chocolate contains serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is correlated with improved mood. Who doesn’t agree that a good mood makes for a better romp?

Red wine: A little dark vino may be just what you need. Red wine contains resveratrol, which may have an impact on sex steroid hormones. Go ahead, pour yourself a glass.

Avocado: The word avocado itself has an origin that meals “testicle” because they hang in pairs on trees. They also provide vitamin E, which can help improve blood flow and circulation. Serving up avocado toast for breakfast may lead to an extra happy morning!

Want to take date night to the next level? Pick a recipe that includes at least one of the above foods and make it together at home. Not only can you do this wearing only an apron, you’ll save loads of time getting to the bedroom!

Colleen Christensen is a local Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who practices intuitive eating and body positivity. After recovering from her own 6 year battle with an eating disorder it has become Colleen’s passion to help others improve their relationships with food and body in order to lead healthier and happier lives!




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